Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Keeping the Faith

6.18 (9)
(Ya en route to EBC youth retreat)
I've been quite lax in my Christian duty to train up a child.  Yes, I am guilty of skipping the Sunday services for quite some time now.  The last time I went, Ya easily curled under a baby blanket and nursed straight through the service.  Now, he's at an age where he is miserable in places where he must be still (and relatively quiet).  And since we switched to secular, public school, I've tried to keep Chi involved by including her in the youth group activities.  During the day this last year, Ya spent with his Gram, who keeps her Bible open and utilized all week long, but he will return to his church-connected daycare in the fall.

I'm taking baby steps to get our family back into our Faith.  Yes, I'm moving slower than I probably should, but nevertheless I'm trudging toward where He leads me.

I was heading into AJ Wright a few weeks ago hoping to pick out some more summer stuff for the kids... instead, I was led to a Christian bookstore.  I found awesome Bibles for Ya and Chi - child sized with durable clothe covers and kid styled.  Chi was excited to have a Bible chosen exclusively for her instead of a hand-me-down loaner from my collection.
5.31 (10)
I also found a Father's Bible that made a fabulous and special gift for Marq on Father's Day.  I had it engraved (twice, because the first time they misspelled his name) and the kids presented it to him.  By far, it's the best gift ever, as every page has a scripture-based Daddy 'didyaknow' that serves as a quick read when he's needing spiritual support.  They didn't have the Mother's version, or I'd have gotten one for myself.

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