Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Hornets Can Be {Sweet}

Years ago I went to a school whose mascot was a hornet.  The colors of everything were black and yellow.  Times were simpler then - it was middle school and teachers were trying to help me discover... well, me.  I was in talent shows for singing, I was a clarinet player in the band, I was in oratorical contests, and possibilities for pursuing other opportunities abounded. 

I guess the memories were on my mind of late, as I flipped through my old yearbooks and reminisced with friends just a day or so ago.  And then today, on this the first day of summer vacation, I had a visitor land in the pool.  I don't think he meant to land in water, and it certainly wasn't a good idea for him to jump in without careful thought.  But after Chi rescued him from his silly blunder, he paused long enough to say hello (and cheese) before heading away from danger.
From our day:
Displaying his new found fashion sense - boy does this boy have an opinion on what he will or will not wear!
6.22 (5)
A rare glimpse of Mommy
6.22 (7)
I think she was swimming... or trying to
6.22 (70)
On the ball
6.22 (72)
and then quickly off it
6.22 (79)
Look, big boy floaties and he's swimming all by himself
6.22 (19)
but it's still fun to hitch a ride
6.22 (94)
Day One, done!

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Danelle said...

I love all these shots. So bright and colorful and fun!