Monday, June 28, 2010

Jamestown Settlement

June 27, 2010:
From the water's edge, we could see the sea.
6.27 (33)
The sun's intensity was so high that shades were not just a fashion accessory.
6.27 (79)
Who knows why the armor was so very heavy and hot?  It must have been rough to be in on duty protecting the colony.
6.27 (102)
Nope, you cannot take my armor off - - even if it is too heavy to keep my head up.
6.27 (56)
Too pretty to fight.
6.27 (52)
I hope there's no live munitions in here, because they sure are fun to use as drums.
6.27 (44)
Making wood strips for building a new home.
6.27 (95)
"Amen."  Somehow he knew to say it as soon as he sat in the pew.
The best way to cool of from 103 degree weather is with a popsicle.

6.27 (109)

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Anna K. said...

Honey, you take some great photos! My fave was of Ya sitting in the old-fashioned pew...of course, Chi managed to make that awkward armor look cute. How does she do it? ;)

I'm glad y'all had a great time on your adventure...even if it was a bit hot!