Sunday, May 2, 2010

Play Datin'

Mommy has several awesome colleagues that she also calls friends.  'Kea is one of those people.  She was there to pray with Mommy and wipe away her tears as she anxiously awaited results of an amniocentesis. She organized Ya's shower with Oma and was at the hospital even before Mommy was wheeled into recovery from his birth.  And she continues to be a very important confidant.

Well, 'Kea comes as a package deal, so Ya got the benefit of a friend in Jackson (just four months his junior).  We're still working out the kinks in their relationship, but that's to be expected when you have only child syndrome. [Yes, Ya has big sis Chi, but she's really not into his toys]

We met early (for a weekend) at Cracker Barrel - which is just chaotic enough to be a child-friendly atmosphere needed for two boisterous boys.  The waiter understood our parental needs and brought ample spoons and napkins to make the meal a success.  And the boys were nice enough to let the meal timer (that unpredictable breaking point between toddler table etiquette and total parental embarrassment from psycho child) extend just a little longer than usual.

Then we ventured to an awesome park with padded rubber under the equipment - - a must for sometimes-awkward toddling.

 Jack demonstrated his awesome styling.
5.1.10 (attitudewm)
And Chi determined he was invincible because falling doesn't seem to phase him.
We had a brief encounter with another parent over one of our boys' cars (and the parent attempted a passive-aggressive lecture on sharing toys through a way too adult conversation with his 21-month-old; something about this isn't like church where everyone shares the toys equally - but hey, the cars were brought for our kids and germs are icky).

There were certain picture perfect moments between the kids.
And later at 'Kea's, where we didn't have to consider other folks' child rearing oddities, there was a small tussle over a lawnmower. 
lawnmower wm
Ya has the same one at home, so it was no surprise that he wanted to use Jack's, but so did Jack... whenever it was left unattended, Ya shot to it and pressed himself against a fence just out of sight. Next time, we'll bring our own and they can mow together.

And my awesome Chi was her usual free-spirit.  I adore her.

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Taylor said...

Awsome pictures, love that first one and the one in the leaves!