Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Chi is a quick study of language.  She also reads people's moods and has great empathy.  She adores children younger than her and is acutely aware of the special care they require.  She is artistic and imaginative.  She likes adventure and exploration.

And Ya?  Well, he likes any game that keeps him unrestricted, allows him to throw things, or lets him belt out a squeal of satisfaction or a roar of attack.  Apparently, he is also a quick study and has powers of observation from his sister.  My visual learner plays basketball.
Yes, he learned it watching games on TV and while standing outside the gated court at the Boys and Girls Club.  He knows the ball goes through the net and expects his Mama can make that happen.  Can you say air ball?  He also knows when a player is lame...
 airball shame
See?  That was his reaction to Mama's a-maz-ing (ly bad) skills.

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