Monday, April 5, 2010

Different... our Easter

This Easter it was just Mommy and the kids.  (We'll get used to this, I'm certain of it). I woke up first, as the internal alarm clock chimes whether I have to work or not... then Ya woke... and we roused Chi together.

{I think she stayed up late to peak downstairs in case her basket had been filled.  Rumor in the Second Grade social circles is that the Easter Bunny is really Mom and/or Dad.  Who spreads these vicious destroyers of myth and mirth?}

We didn't go to worship at church for a few reasons this year. Chi couldn't locate her dress shoes.  Sunrise Service is always uncomfortably cold by the water front, and I just couldn't see subjecting the kids to the elements. I'm still in need of a church home that "fits" me (or that I fit). And, Ya had plans that didn't include Chi and I.   Nevertheless, we had to don the Easter finery.

Insisting that we all be fully dressed before checking for loot, it was almost 8 a.m. before we were ready to venture downstairs.  (These days Chi has to approve her hair style before she'll go anywhere). Chi was a super searcher and found just about all of the 25 eggs hidden around the house herself.  Ya was too busy to be interested in the hunt, so I let him play with his new brown ZhuZhu pet.  That peaked his interest for three whole minutes! What a sound investment.

It was gorgeous outside with the sun quickly rising and the temperatures climbing towards the 70s.  We climbed into the car and drove around the neighborhood hoping to find a bit of undeveloped land (increasingly harder as the builders have been plunking town homes and condos in every empty space they find).  My "sweet" Yadon was... well, not at all interested in cooperation.  He refused to smile, slugged his sister every time she got too close, plucked flowers and leaves off of plants, and kept waving as he said "bye" and headed back toward the idling car and into his car seat.  Why is it that when Chi is ready and willing, li'l man is obstinate?


Chi Easter 2010

Ya Easter 2010

We wrapped up our shoot quickly because Ya was spending the day with his Dad.  He was excited to see Daddy, but Chi was not happy about releasing control of her baby for the day.  She's a quiet mourner - choosing to sit quietly as she tries to busy herself with solitary activities.  She won't say what's wrong, but for a child who is always sunshine, it's easy to see when the clouds cover her skies. I'm not sure if she'll ever be okay with letting go of her brother even when it is only for a few hours at a time.  It's weird having "visitation" for me, too.  I mean it's one thing for Daddy and Ya to head out on errands or a play date and then to return to the family in the evening.  And it's something else entirely to schedule a day for Dad to see our son before he resumes his own life.  Does this get easier?
Spring Flowering

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Taylor said...

Great shots of the kids, they look so sweet all dressed up!