Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Lazy Days

...are not those that include an hour long paddle boat excursion.

DAY TWO: Sunday:  I'd promised Chi that we'd rent a paddle boat the next time we ventured to our duck feeding spot.  For the bargain price of $8.40, we got a four-person boat, life vests, and a shove off from the docks.
4.11.10 life vest
I got the important job of steering the vessel - one I failed miserably at until the last three minutes (when I skillfully maneuvered into an empty spot at the dock very close to an opening in the railing).  Ya rode the hump in the front, while Oma (tricked into believing she'd be watching the baby shore side) and Chi sat comfortably in the front seats.  Every set has peddles, but somehow one person always gets more "motivated" to push 'em. 
paddle boat4.11.10 (chi)
After docking, we retrieved our bread and ventured toward the water fowl.
They always seem hungry... and so was Ya, who smiled everytime we caught him eating instead of throwing.
crabs hehe
Chi took delight in the experience, especially seeing the fish.
4.11.10 ( 57)
Duck! (verb and noun)
4.11.10 (duck)
Here's Chi attempting to "Smeyes" by closing the eyes... and Oma, beautiful, as always.
A good day ends with a roll...
a few rings...
ring star
and a pick...
picken leaves
I mean picture.
Notice the leaves on Ya's head?  He took pleasure in plucking and placing them.

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Taylor said...

What a fun happy day for them! They are so lucky to have such a fun Momma!