Tuesday, April 13, 2010


...that's just a reminder of what I forgot to buy on the last four trips to the grocery store (and what I really need to enjoy my shoe string French Fries).

But who cares about food shopping, really?

I'm a little behind in my blogging, as work and life have sort of gotten me in a hustle and the eyes just don't have the stamina to stay open past ::gasp:: 10 each night.  As soon as the house is quiet, I'm out of commission.   So today, as the "rain ending early" continues into the evening, I am not at the soccer game I was supposed to be at and I find myself with a little free computer time.

What to do?  Update the weekend report, of course.

DAY ONE: Saturday:  Chi brought home a flyer for the First Annual Family Fitness Expo at her school.  Now I could point out that you don't call something annual the first time, because if it flops, it surely wont be repeated in subsequent years, but I wont.  Chi was excited.  We got up and dressed and out of the house in time for the 9:30 am start time.  We arrived with a dozen other families while the school staff frantically set up the exhibits and activities around us.

When the Expo finally commenced (at a more reasonable 10 am, go figure), Chi caught a Tae Kwon Do class and broke a board with her hand (after I signed a liability paper, of course); she shot an arrow with a bow into the green (grass) and insisted she and Mr. Bell (teacher) would hit yellow (the target they were aiming for) next time; and she breezed through an unmonitored obstacle course.
Two hours into our Expo experience, Ya had had enough, so we ventured off to breakfast and then hit up our park for a quick game of chase.
catch me
I had, unfortunately, forgotten how out of shape I am and realized it as I huffed and puffed and trudged up and down stairs, slides, and climbing walls. Chi did not.

Finally, we saw a pretty butterfly and Chi insisted I try to get it on "film," but I had the wrong lens on the camera.
Oh well.

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