Saturday, March 20, 2010


... I was editing pictures this morning (imagine that, such a rare activity...) and I came across a few taken this past Thursday.  We've designated Thursdays as Mommy and MY Chi days, as it is the only guaranteed day we can just exist without schedules.  No extra night job, no gymnastics, no appointments.  Just time for me and the babies.  My babies. 

Chi's choice activity for this week was to linger at the school and play at the playground.  Easy enough, so done.  Her classmates stayed behind, too... but she spent most of her time with baby brother.  He tried to keep up. She slowed to help him navigate the big kid play equipment.  She protected him from the dangers of kids excited and active having been freshly released from the containment of a school day.  And she proved - yet again - just how blessed I am to have her.


IMG 4308
And Ya? Well, he loved the attention (and even drew a fist at a poor little one who wanted to share her).  And he also gave his best "Streetcar Named Desire" impression and screamed "LAURA" at the top of his lungs before sliding down.  That's my boy!

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