Thursday, February 4, 2010

TwentyTEN Winter Woes: Round One

1.30.10 (kids)

January 30th: Snow begins to fall early in the morning.  Weather forecasters predicted a minescule two inch powder dusting... Snow continues through the day.  Accumulation of about a foot of snow. 
1.30.10 (missing tooth)
It looked so pretty falling that we thought it might be fun to go outside.
1.30.10 (blow)
1.30.10 (snow falling)
We shoveled the driveway to lessen the difficulty when the snow finally stopped. Somehow Ya ended up on the ground, but he happily recovered.
1.30.10 (fallen)
and then Ya was covered in the powder... I've no idea how... Chi wont tell.. It might have been funny, if he didn't look so distraught and cold...
1.30.10 (too much)
... and yet he refused to go inside...  so we switched hat and scarf and lingered longer in the elements.

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Taylor said...

Love the one where Chi is blowing the snow out of her hand!