Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Experts Don't Know My Kid...

I was reviewing my emails this morning and caught this little gem of information:

YOUR BABY is 75 WEEKS OLD how they grow At this point, your toddler can probably climb stairs one at a time; in about two more months, he may be able to walk downstairs while someone is holding his hand. Meanwhile, like many this age, he might go back and forth between walking and crawling. (Most children aren't truly competent at stair climbing until they're about 3, so keep your guard up.)
...It would've been nice to have about a month ago when it was relevant.

Ya thinks the stairs are a luge track.  He spins around, backs up and bops down the stairs feet first, belly down at full speed.  He'll barrel over anything in his path, and at top speed, this has included his dad.

And as for going up the stairs?  He's perfectly okay with crawling them  - - then he stands at each step to inspect how much further he must go.  If the railing is on his preferred side (left), he may even step up a few steps just to test it out. 

He is confident enough in his parental units to climb up or down while holding a hand.  He's been doing that for more than two weeks.  And if he fears you'll leave him in your tracks, he whines, points, and leaps into your arms as soon as he determines you've acknowledged his desire to join you.

Now today he has determined that variety adds spice to life (and heart palpatations to Mommy), so he's created a method of decending the stairs by bouncing on his butt.  Great...

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