Sunday, December 20, 2009

O' Christmas Tree

I'm not a very good decorator. Something about putting up lights and such has always given me palpitations. Maybe it's because my daddy always waited until the first frost to take out the ladder and attempt to nail up the out door lights as his hands trembled and his fingers began to tingle from frost bite. Or maybe it's because I just cannot find a design I think looks perfect and so I refuse to even try to put up a string of lights. The exterior of the house looks better untouched, right? I need only change the wreath from autumn to winter, and viola! Done.

But inside I can cheat and it still feels festive. Our tree is pre lit. It doesn't drop pine needles, doesn't need water, and doesn't have to be chopped down in its prime.In a few snaps and shakes, it is out of the box and ready for my decorating goddess (which is not code name for Mommy).
121109 decorating (38)
Chi loves decorating the tree.
121109 decorating (5)
We thought Ya would like to help her...

121109 decorating (16)
But, as we discovered quickly, Ya loves disassembling the tree and then handing the ornaments to Chi to put back up.
121109 decorating (19)
It's no wonder it took more than an hour to get all the decorations on the tree (two feet above the lowest branches just for Ya). And here it is:
121109 decorating (48)
Worth the extra effort.
121109 decorating (46)

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Joy Howse said...

The tree looks GREAT!!!! Wish you could send that super decorating goddess my way.