Saturday, December 19, 2009

A blizzard for your birthday

The weather forecast was finally right. (Perhaps this is why meteorologists get to keep their jobs?)

The prediction was that snow would cover the Northern East Coast beginning late Friday night. It's Saturday afternoon now, and the snow is still coming down heavy.

Poor Chi watched the forecast on the morning news before school yesterday and was clearly disappointed: "A blizzard on my birthday? This is terrible!"

So much for a relaxing morning at the Santa Breakfast and a girls' afternoon at the salon. Instead, we ran around the homestead hoping to gather up the heavy duds, tosing things into an overnight bag, and planning an escape (for the snow-in) at Oma and PopPop's.

We made an unfortunate stop at a department store last night to make a few returns (this Christmas shopping has done wonders for my wardrobe, emptied my wallet, and my tree is still void of presents below). It was chaos. Apparently fear has set in and people were determined to do several things before the first flake fell:
  1. purchase ridiculous amounts of toilet paper, milk and bread (because in an emergency this is what everyone consumes the most of, right?)
  2. hit up the hardware store for shovels, sand/salt, and... I don't know.
  3. shop for the last few items on the Christmas list just in case the roads aren't clear before the weekend sales end.
I parked in Outer Siberia - - because I set my car in reverse and forgot to put it back into drive before some nasty lady in a pick up shot into the spot I had been waiting for (never mind that I had to carry several bags of returns and a squirmy toddler). In the store, the return line stretched halfway across the store. And the purchase lines? Wrapped around the rope indicating the line twice! Luckily, Chi picked out a consolation gift for her botched spa day birthday and was content.

We woke this morning before 7 a.m. and saw more than a foot of snow had fallen. Yikes. Luckily, Chi had determined that it might be fun to play in, and no longer thought the day would be terrible.
We loaded on the layers: tights, mittens, sweaters, turtle necks, jeans, boots, and hats. (I should add camera, but that's a permanent appendage when I'm not at work, so it goes without saying that I had it).

It took us 10 minutes to get it all on. And then we went outside.

It took less than 5 minutes to determine we'd had enough.

PopPop was mad because the snow came in with us. We striped down to our unders to be rid of the wet and cold clothes. And we settled for a few minutes in the warm house.

But Mommy didn't get a good picture of her beautiful birthday girl, so a few hours later, we piled the clothes back on and ventured out again; this time to the backyard.
Chi made a snow angel.


Ya was okay... if you consider a paralyzed little chap "normal." He stayed exactly where he was placed, as the snow came well up to his waste and restricted his movement (walking was not happening). He was up to staying outside until the flakes began to rest and stick to his eyelashes. That was just not acceptable.


Chi was assured that this special weather was just for her. And somewhere in the middle of the steadily falling snow, she declared: "This is the best birthday ever!"


I'm so glad you feel that way, my little Heaven on earth, because you deserve nothing less.



Taylor said...

I'm so happy she ended up having a great birthday. That last picture is just beautiful! She looks so thrilled with the snow.

Joy Howse said...

The snow pictures look awesome. Just glad I am viewing them from the warmth of my southern ca home. I am such a chicken when it comes to cold weather. Happy birthday Chi. And praying you all have a blessed Christmas.