Monday, October 26, 2009

I ♥ Faces: Dress Up Time

I Faces
Week 42 - “Halloween Dress-Up” Photo Challenge
I admit I went a little crazy this year with costumes. I just couldn't pick one cute outfit over another... so I purchased three costumes for little man. Since he can't voice his own preference, I dressed him up in each and snapped a few pictures (which I promptly posted for family to vote on).

I have partially settled on a cool dragon costume...
but I LOVE the images I got of him in his Naughty-n-Nice costume. A third costume, a lemur, was way too big for little man, though I had high hopes of a mighty King Julian-Ya a la "Madagascar." The store I purchased the costumes from takes everything back prior to Halloween, so lemur is already gone (though one precious photo of a very disgruntled Ya remains). I guess I'll flip a coin to decide on the one he'll wear for this his second Trick-or-Treat excursion.

Now Chi was a little difficult because she has an opinion... she's finally settled on Little Red Riding Hood; most likely because she really likes wearing the red wig I got on a whim because it was on sale. Eventually, she'll get the outfit on and I'll post a few images (though these days getting her to pose -make that pause - for a picture is incredibly difficult).

The good folk over at I ♥ Faces have a plethora of costumed gems posted on their website that I'm checking out because next year we're gonna try to make a few costumes and I need ideas.  How exactly that will work since I don't sew and always burn my fingers with a glue stick, I don't know.

Did I mention that fall is my favorite time of year?

When else are the colors of nature so vibrant? When else can you get away with eccentric clothing? What other time of year has a day that offers the opportunity to meet neighbors you'd otherwise know only from their car's windshields or sporadic meetings at the mailbox? And when else can you take on a character's role beyond curtain call and be just a little bit more than who you usually are?



Anonymous said...

OH... that is SO vibrant! I love, love the colors and the clarity, and the background. I vote "YES" for dragon!

Life with Kaishon said...

He is SO beautiful! What a wonderful costume. I am glad you let your family vote! What a fun Mommy you are! Fantastic picture of a very, very sweet baby!

Taylor said...

Yet again, another great shot! Love that costume.

Hayley said...

Beautiful shot, and what a lovely blog!!