Monday, August 31, 2009

Party Over Here!

I actually did it. After last year's fiasco at the sensory overloading CEC's, I vowed never to plan another birthday party for anyone that involved more than immediate family. And then Ya's birthday crept up on me and I couldn't help feeling like he deserved to have one or two friends with him to celebrate.

SO... I crafted a "Look Who's Turning One" photo card online, printed out a "join us poolside" invitation to accompany it, and set to furthering the usefulness of the Pony Express by dropping the invites in the snail mail. Yes, I the self proclaimed E-mail Goddess actually used a stamp and paper to invite folk to something! And I couldn't help but be excited to send someone something tangible and filled with happy news so that instead of the "Another bill?!?" and "More Junk." comments at the mailbox, people could say "Wow, pictures. A card. A party? Cool, I'll be there." That's what I'd rather say while at my mailbox, at least...

And the "I'll never throw another party again" mama set out to carry out the poolside theme with decor options. Party City, by the way, does not offer Nemo party plates, cups, favors, anything. He's so five years ago, apparently. And anything else aquatic - even in the midst of summer - was no where to be found. And the luau stuff (which was so not what I wanted) sold out just the week prior and was now out of season. So I settled for a sports theme (that says "boy," right?).

The next issue was party favors. I mean seriously, every grab bag offering warned "Not for children under three, contains small parts." Nothing was going to be easy in pulling off the fabulous first fiesta I had hoped for. I ended up with sports bottles which would be great to take to the pool even if they didn't say "pool party."

We (Chi and I) then went a little crazy making paper dolls dressed in their swim suits, holding towels or with snorkles, for each expected guest. Ya was quite amused by the machine and supervised from the sidelines.


Despite my efforts to bridge the gap between the pool/sports theme (think: bring baby sized basketball and football as pool toys), it was not meant to happen. The trouble with keeping my original theme was just part of a warning that the storm is coming baby because the weather forecast broadcast T-storm warnings for our party day. The skies even sprinkled a bit while I was out running errands as if to suggest that this particular forecast was accurate. Hmm, shocker. And then the clouds closed up, and though overcast, the day was beautiful. Of course, this was after I texted everyone I knew was coming and said "Party at my house" and then set myself and Oma to the tremendous task of making a very active house looked less "lived in."

The set up wasn't half bad. I displayed our "Happy Birthday banner on a light fixture, arranged the cups, plates, and cake on our table clothed round table, and blew up a few birthday balloons. And yes, I'm well aware of the balloon danger posed to toddlers, but they were closely monitored.

Ya demonstrated his "mine" streak by body guarding his toys from his friend initially, but eventually warmed up to the idea of sharing. He chased a few balloons. He popped a balloon and was completely unphased.
giddy w/ presents
He blew a birthday horn, donned the official First Birthday Hat briefly for the obligatory photo, and stared his candle down as if willing it to blow out.

blow birthday boy

Then he was coaxed into getting down and dirty with his cake (which wasn't easy, seeing as how his parents are a bit weird about messing up clothes with overly grabby baby hands on plates of food).

cake mess

He even shared his cake with Daddy.

share cake

He loved his presents, at least those that made noise. And the party was deemed a success when all participants were sufficiently tired beyond belief having skipped the afternoon nap time.


And then we ventured to the pool (albeit without the guests) so that sister could have a little "big kid" fun. Oh, and the paper dolls? They're being used for thank you cards anyway :)

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Joy Howse said...

Sounds like the 'mommy that will never throw another party' did an awesome job. Pictures are great as always. And boy did he get into that cake. We couldn't even get Aiden past the frosting before he gave up on the whole thing. I did the whole Frog theme for his 1st b-day and party stores were of no use to me. had to head to the internet and my own creativity for that theme as well. Glad it was all a success. HAPPY BIRTHDAY YA!!!!