Friday, August 28, 2009

Empty Fortune Cookie

Last night we had Chinese. Chi is quite into the fortune cookies, and loves the idea that you open the wrapper, bite the edge of the cookie, and pull out a paper that tells you (in theory) something about your life. I'll admit that sometimes the little phrase fits... and sometimes it makes no sense. Chi dove into the bags and pulled out the cookies first, doling them out to each person and waiting patiently for each to open, bite and read. My cookie (though amazingly not stale and actually rather yummy) was sans fortune. A bad omen? A message from God to look for better reading material to guide me? Hmmmm.

The empty fortune cookie incident just happened to fall on the eve of a special day. Today, my little man is throwing away his coveted "cute baby" title and taking on toddler hood! That's right, he's ONE today. At 2:20 p.m. Ya was lifted into the air and his Daddy took his very first portrait as Ya wailed "I'm here, and I'm healthy" for the very first time.

Life has changed so much since he was given to this Mommy... and I love it!

It has been so amazing to watch [in awe] how Chi has grown up with her role as big sister. Seeing her embrace this tremendous responsibility is heart warming. I didn't expect her to care so much, to be so involved, to cherish her baby brother as much as I do. And frankly, I think she has doubled my amazement at her intelligence, thoughtfulness, and overall status of an awesome human being.

Ya has grown before my eyes so quickly. He's a person now, full of interests, talents, and preferences. When he eats, he tries everything at least once - and then he swats the offensive things he's found disfavor in. He wants to be right in the middle of the activity even if it means sitting on something for the better proximate view. He loves to be in contact with those he loves (and even pats us on the back when we hold him). He is quick to offer a smile (especially when caught doing something naughty). He plays with cars and balls like a "perfect" little boy is expected, but also has a thing for the play kitchen. He has the most infectious, haughty, clipped laugh I've heard in a long time. He is our explorer. And like big sister, he's a thinker. What he's not, I'm afraid, is much of an artist. He'd rather eat the paper, crayons and pencils than use them to create. [My walls and tables are thankful, his digestive system, not so much]. Perhaps the artsy side will come later? He is definately a comedian, though his humor is somewhat indescribable. (Right now he's a laugh at your own jokes kind of guy - - reminds me of Dill from To Kill A Mockingbird who wanted to be a new kind of clown so he could laugh at people.) And he is social. He loves to meet new people, especially babies, and he empathizes with the moods he detects.

I'm lucky. So blessed that last night's fortune cookie was without the usual printed slip of paper. And I've decided I take it to mean that life is going to reveal itself in God's time. My fortune is so great it cannot be expressed in one little line. And lucky numbers? I've already got them. Two, for two beautiful children and two awesome brothers. Thirty, for three decades of a pretty fabulous life. Five, for the five years Chi and I shared as an inseparable twosome. Twelve and nineteen for the date I became Mommy Rachelle. And eight and twenty eight for the date Mommy was blessed with another little human to cherish and love.

How fitting.


Joy Howse said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY YA!! We are in the midst of birthday celebration weekend as well (Little Miss and mine). Hope you all have a wonderful time celebrating his wonderful day.

Taylor said...

Happy Birthday Ya! You are an adorable little man with so many new things to discover, I can't wait to read about them.