Friday, June 5, 2009

Time... there's never any time

The school year is rapidly winding down and I have another home bound student I am working with. Couple that with two daycare pickups, a bout with anemia-induced exhaustion (need iron, ya'll), and the stress of increasingly more difficult finance juggling, there's just not enough time in the day. And how can I blog when there are piles of projects to grade, there's a cling-on attached to my leg and whimpering to be played with, a six-year-old insists she can cook and plays with knives whenever I'm not watching, and I desperately want to complete the abandoned "Project 365" assignment I gave myself even though the task is daunting?

Oh, and the fact that I increasingly pass out before 8 p.m. when Ya gets fussy and I lay down to put him to sleep, doesn't help either...

I started a meager attempt at a magazine featuring my favorite photos and discovered quickly that picking photos I think are good out of the hundreds I take everyday is a tedious and long process. I also quickly find myself lamenting about my months of backlogged scrap booking as I reminisce about the event and circumstances of each and every picture. YIKES. So, sometime this century I'll have a magazine... but it'll take a lot longer than I'd hoped.

I figured out a really cool father's day present for the daddies in my life. They're getting magazines featuring their kids (remember my post about MagCloud?). Now I'm pretty sure this trumps giving them a single photo, right? I think Chi will help me pick her favorite images and Ya, well he'll just yank on the mouse and tap the keyboard.
Frankly, I'm getting anxious for summer to get here already!

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