Friday, June 12, 2009

Last Friday...

I just want to say it's the LAST Friday of the school year and I am SOOOOOOOO overjoyed - - no, relieved  - - no, sick and tired of working that I cannot wait until the last student leaves for summer on Wednesday.

Ya turned 41 weeks yesterday *which is still within the 9-month range, so he's still a baby for a bit longer. He's waving, although it's to himself and he has a staring contest with the flexing fingers as he does it. He is also standing up unassisted... though as soon as Mommy raises the camera to show off the feat, he tries to sit down (I swear it's because of the paparazzo-effect). He's also very aware that the black thing is Mommy's favorite thing and sometimes he peeks around it to make sure I'm still there.

Today is a busy one: work, home bound appointment, pick up kids after sitting in traffic, attend an obligatory dedication of a wing of Chi's school (PTA Vice Presidential duty, I am told), and prepare for the wedding I am planning to shoot for tomorrow. YIKES. And as I type this, I am procrastinating on getting clothes for Chi in the clothing graveyard she calls her bed room.

Anyway... here's a shot taken last weekend of Mom and Ya.

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Joy Howse said...

He is getting so big. :) Tell him to not be in such a hurry to grow up.