Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Never would have thought

Just a few months ago, Chi and I would sit at the table struggling to complete simple homework assignments that required reading. In kindergarten, she passed all her reading tests with what I can only imagine was a good recall of what others had read (in the same book during their tests just before hers) or a good deciphering of images in the readers. When she started first grade, I wrote a novel to her teacher soliciting advice begging for help. By January, though she'd made progress with her reading specialist and in the classroom, I was given a letter of intent to retain Chi in first grade. Then in April, May and June, Chi "got it." Suddenly she was able and interested in reading anything and every thing with words (including the "No Turn On Red" sign that everyone ignores because it is a developer's sign not one placed by the county). And now, today, were off to the library to use her library card to pick out books for Summer Quest and she is excited to go!

I'm so glad this day has come!


Joy Howse said...

Love when that reading light turns on. Chi, have fun exploring the new world around you through reading.

Shannon said...

This time is definitely different for each and every child! And when it clicks, it REALLY clicks! I'm so glad she has found her love for books!