Monday, June 22, 2009

First Monday of Summer

I woke up this morning with high hopes. I was feeling ambitious and hoped to fix Chi's fabric - fuzzy prone hair. She is into "Top Model" make up these days, the kind where it looks extreme and wild or artistic rather than like we're letting my six year old flaunt herself as a made-over adult well before her time. Doing the hair, picking out a sassy outfit, and venturing over to Old Towne seemed like a pleasant morning excursion. But as I walked past her cyclonic room and I realized that I could not see the floor through all the clothes - clean and heavily soiled - and toys strewn about, I determined that my day's objectives were quickly going to change. Instead, we spent an hour going through piles of clothes and determining dirty, clean and too small. Ya wandered around the room trying to pick up anything and everything he thought could be edible. And Chi? She spent most of the time trying to finger swipe yuckies from her baby brother's mouth and picking things up before he took interest in them.
I've not done any food shopping, so the pickings are a bit slim for breakfasts and lunches... Chi had a chocolate glazed donut (which Mommy warmed up, thus creating a gooey mess).

Ya had a powdered donut (his first) and nursed. What a mess that made (duh). So, after his junk food breakfast, we striped down and took a warm bath. Fresh diapers are more fun to soil, so not even 3 minutes into wearing the powder fresh bum-cover, Ya funktified the room and Mommy had to quickly eliminate the odorous duds.
Now it's nap time... if Friday is any indication, I have 45-50 minutes to myself before the 10-month-old begins to explore his world again. That's not a lot of time to do anything. But I am not going to complain about my day.

Summertime sure beats working. I've always said I was envious of those blessed to stay at home, and for two months out of the year, I get to do that. This isn't work. This is spending much needed time with my babies and watching them (most of the time through a camera lens) grow up.

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Shannon said...

Are you also a teacher? I am a Speech-Language Pathologist and work in the Public School System... and therefore have 2 months off during the summer as well! It's the best kind of career for a mommy, I think! At times I get a bit envious of those who are SAHMs, but mostly I feel like I have the best of both worlds! And... as my kids grow, they will not really feel like their mommy worked... when they are at school, I'm at work, when they are home, I am too! ;)