Friday, January 16, 2009

A week without

Have you ever had something wonderful and didn't realize it until it was gone? Call me a technoholic (not to make light of addictions) because I'm suffering from withdrawal. My fios is no longer operational. The rainbow of light flickered out Wednesday and doesn't want to come back on.

I cannot get online. No e-mail. No Facebook. No Instant Messenger services. Nada.

The powers at work have blocked every site I enjoy on my procrastination rituals across the blog world. Apparently blogging and reading blogs slows down productivity? Never! Alas, there is no relief during the weekday...

And now? A 4-day weekend without my internet services! How'd it happen?

Can I make it without finding out what's happening with all my cyber buddies - you know, the ones who don't know you but share their daily lives with you online? I feel so **lost** without knowing what's going on in places I've never been. And I miss seeing all the photos of my favorite photographers who diligently feed my curiousity with their fabulous work product online.

To cope I am borrowing monopolizing the computer at my parents' house. And for the rest of weekend? I'll be suffering (or maybe it's the family who'll suffer as my camera is fully charged and ready to shoot).

Until next time cyberspace!
I'll be anxiously awaiting reconnection...

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Joy Howse said...

I know what it is like to be done and out with no internet. Mine was gone for 4 days and I went crazy. Hope you are able to get through it all and can't wait to see what pictures you come up with during your marathon photo shoots.