Saturday, January 17, 2009

365... project continues!

So I've stolen away to my parent's home to update the project.
1-12-09: I'm practicing with black backdrops (a tee shirt)
My Feet!1.13.09: What?!1.14.09: Chi's Choice1.15.09:I spent a few hours last night working on PhotoShop flipping horizontal to vertical and color correcting photos. It seems that even with my "Puffer" flash deflector, the indoor flash photos go askew...

And I've decided that I will spare the family every once in awhile by shooting the stuff around the house instead of the people I love... but only occasionally ::winks::

And I blew it! There is no photo for 1.16.09 because my little ones went to bed early and I lost track of time working on the old shots. How's that for resolve? But I am determined to keep going even if the project is now 364 (hey , there's no leap year day this yea, so technically I'm still on target, right?)

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Joy Howse said...

Love the pictures. SO adorable as usual. Baby feet are my favorite, but oddly I can't stand feet (on adults that is) About the whole 'missing photo' thing... even God rested on the 7th day, so missing one day a week isn't so bad. :) Hope you are up and internet functioning soon.