Thursday, December 4, 2008

Whine and Dine

Marq coined a new phrase this morning, or rather used an old phrase to create a new pun. Ya eats somewhat oddly. He frustrates himself with the wait time before he gets served. Then he huffs and puffs as he tries to chug his meal. The he latches on and off with whines of disappointment, impatience, and perhaps disgust. I think in many ways I am beginning to see myself in him... So this morning amid slurps and wails, Marq called Chub Chub a "whine and diner." My Wednesday wish for him (albeit a day late)? is that he matures into a "Wine and Diner" when he is old enough to find someone worthy of his time, love and affection.

And can I just say God works in mysterious ways? I swear He is trying hard to teach me patience. This morning I logged in to the bank to check on the status of a very important check and found that it was indeed cashed on the due date. Thank You God. Had it not posted, I'd have a long and drawn out ordeal that would rock my family's functionality.

Add to that how He provided me with a way to make a few extra dollars at work. Teachers don't get overtime, but we do have opportunities to Homebound. This is where I go to a student's home when he is unable to attend school and try to bridge the gap between his coursework and his home life. Some cases are easy. Some have been touching. Each has shown me a kid in need of a little help. If I can make a way for each to succeed - even if only breifly - I feel good. And I appreciate the income it provides to my own family.

My other Wednesday Wish is that all those out there reading this blog be somehow blessed with health and financial stability in this holiday season. May each of you have time for family, time for self, and time for growth.

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