Tuesday, December 2, 2008

How Ya Spent Picture Day

The first school pictures at 3 months old? Yes, that's what the nursery where Ya stays everyday decided to do. SO Lifetouch scheduled a picture day. We got reminder notices, we had preference cards. Ya even got to put on his oh-so-cute overalls and striped collar shirt for the occasion... But when I picked him up, I was told he was asleep when the photographer was ready for his class. So they woke him up. Then they pulled his pacifier from his mouth. He retaliated with a wail. I suspect his photo looked much like this one taken later in the day:

Ya knows the sound of the camera when it comes on. He eyeballs the black eye with scrutiny and decidedly stops doing whatever cute thing prompted us to take the camera out. Perhaps this model is waiting for a contract or a raise before he'll cooperate. I think it's why I ended up with this terribley sad shot when trying to update my "chil'uns" picture (notice that Chi is perfectly posed and Ya is too through with me):

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