Monday, December 8, 2008

Not I...

I did not begin this list on Tuesday so as not to forget all the things I did not do. I also did not type the entry Sunday so I could post before work Monday.

I did not decide that the new 2 1/2 month old girl in Ya's class would make an excellent girlfriend. I did not get excited about their cribs being next to each other so they could "talk." Later in the week, I did not decide she must reduce her natural cute quotient so Ya could steal away some more attention.

I did not make a perfectly good cup of coffee and put it in a travel mug only to leave it on the table when helping Chi get her lunch together. I did not contemplate going home to retrieve said mug despite being 10 minutes behind schedule and most likely late for work. It was not I who reached for the non-existent mug each time I stopped at a light on the way to work. (Notice the turquoise mug to Chi's far right).

I did not miss seeing my baby put up tree decorations because I was stressing moping about finances. I did not ponder postponing Christmas because I cannot buy gifts for the important people in my life.

I did not finally meet complete understanding of the phrase "Robbing Peter to pay Paul" while juggling my bills. I did not decide that a more appropriate metaphor was playing Russian Roulette with my creditors - - bang you're paid, blank you wait... Is it really that
bad? Not for I.I did not hurry everyone in the house into their winter clothes so we could get the ideal Christmas portrait of the kids for our cards only to determine once we arrived at the community playground that it was way too cold for being outside. We did not get stuck at said playground so that Chi could play for awhile while the rest of us froze. And this was not my "look" upon giving up on my photo op.

While complaining about people prolonging stops at STOP signs, I did not find myself behind the same Dodge Charger that gave me a speeding ticket in October. I did not freak out about the number of unmarked luxury cars in the area and opt to go below the speed limit rather than risk another ticket for driving too fast in a 25 mph zone. I am not still bitter about the ticket I got when my foot was not even on the accelerator as I drove down a hill. I did not spot more than a few police vehicles on the highway poised with their radar guns with their sights surely on my sports car.

I did not contemplate how using two pumps at once would be like milking a cow and determine that lowering efficiency was better than becoming Bessie the Holstein.

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