Monday, December 15, 2008

Nope, not I

This week I thought I'd shoot for dead last on the not me blog role... Because I did not forget today was Monday.


So this week past there's a lot I don't have to confess because I did not do a whole lot.

I did not get so caught up working two jobs and coordinating my world that I forgot to return to the website to book a party for my daughter's 6th birthday party. I did not invite 22 classmates to said unbooked party and then pray that only a few RSVP.

I did not spend more than five hours at the party venue listening to screaming, excited kids on sugar highs - first to ensure a party space and then to watch as my carefully planned party became total chaos. I did not get into a disagreement with the manager of said facility over "reserved" tables that no one had spoken for. Marq did not get recruited to plead our case, and my brother did not get called in to do the same. I did not have to have aforementioned brother round up the kids and hear him say as the party finally concluded, "Next time get me a lasso and a hat, I'll get 'em here."

I did not swear to myself that my party planning days were over. I did not determine that the Deal or No Deal and skeeball games were worth returning to the venue despite the insane lines at the "Kid Check" and the harried parents trailing behind their crazed kids. I also did not join another adult in a dual "That's your last game kid, there's a line and you have to share" attack which shocked a child (had to be at least 10, I'm sure) into hurrying through his sixth consecutive game and rushing away from the area.
I did not reply to my daughter upon her inquiry "Mom what are you getting me for my birthday?" with this: "I got you a very expensive birthday party."

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Lisa Julia Photography said...

LOL!!! I followed you again from my blog! Hope you don't mind...Happy Birthday Chi!! xo