Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Wednesday Wishes...

Every blog I frequent in this cyber community seems to have a gimmick. Most of them are set for specific days of the week with some quirky request of blog readers. Why should my blog be the exception? I know, I know. You say it is because I have no followers (sure is lonely). You're probably right. I don't think anyone's reading this blog, so my gimmick only needs to appeal to me :) And I'm used to talking to myself all day in a room full of teenagers masquerading as students, so what else is new?

So my gimmick?
Wednesday Wishes
It's going to be my middle of the week hopes, dreams, and prayers post.

So here's my first one:

I watched the most precious event yesterday while rushing around to get things ready for school and work. Ya was set on the couch between the chair arm and the back cushion where he can move slightly, but can't wiggle too far (and certainly can't make it off the couch yet). It's a pretty safe spot in the corner for the time being. Chi was already dressed and was putting on her shoes (and where this any other day, she'd be standing at the door with her coat in the backpack instead of on her person and she'd be impatiently swaying while awaiting permission to get into the car). Then Ya began to cry. Chi stopped her preparations and snuggled close to her baby "brudder" craddling him in her arms, nose against his, stroking his hair (she likes how soft it is) and holding his paci to his mouth while soothing him with soft words.

My wish for this Wednesday as I reflect on this perfectly natural, heartwarming sight is that my babies always be there for one another. I hope that they are close, that they protect each other from the world. I pray that they share millions of Eskimo kisses in the future and that they appreciate the special relationship that as siblings they are blessed with.

God has already shown us that He is in control. Chi prayed for a healthy baby and she was given Ya. Someday Ya will likewise pray for Chi.

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