Friday, November 21, 2008

Head and Shoulders Above the Rest...

11-20-2008: Ya had his 2-month well baby, which was kind of odd seeing that he's 12-weeks old at this point and by my calculations, that's more like three months. Dr. L met with Mommy, Daddy and Ya and happily viewed his growth record. Ya is now a hearty 12 lbs 2.5 ounces and is 23 1/2 inches tall. WOW. No wonder he pops open those newborn onsies when he breathes!

I inquired about the increasing cradle cap he's been developing. Daddy and I discussed it a few days prior and I'd insisted we run out and buy the special cream just for the condition. Daddy said we should just use Head and Shoulders shampoo (which illicited images of poor Ya screaming his first words, "It burns! Darn you Mommy and Daddy," so I laughed off the idea as preposterous). Dr. L, however, must have collaborated with Daddy. He simply said cradle cap is normal at this age and it's easily treatable with a twice a week dose of Head and Shoulders. Duh, Mommy... why didn't you think of that? Daddy laughed at me as I blushed and averted my gaze to the window. I never said I was an expert...

We were told that Ya's throwing up is likely due to the time span between his feedings being too long. Apparently 4 hours is one too many for his age, hence he is savage by the time he's offered a chance to eat again. Dr. L says Ya is greedy not because he needs to be sent to Overeaters Anonymous, but because his little tummy is emptied out completely before each meal begins. Poor thing then overcompensates with overeating and the overflow valve has to kick open to release his excess. Solution? Revert back to 4-5 ounce bottles at daycare and feed more often (the face to face time feeding provides also helps stimulate his interactive skills, we were told). As for time at home, I'm pretty sure that Daddy would say Ya already eats on demand, so no real adjustments are necessary there. Just in case, though, I'll try to keep a better schedule (which is so counter to my personality).

I slipped out of our well baby visit to pick up my princess Chi before the immunizations could be given - - five terrible shots and one oral dose guaranteed to make baby "a little fuzzy and may cause him to run a slight fever." It's the worst part of every appointment - standing there holding your baby while some nurse injects him with a needle and makes him cry from the shock and pain of the pokes. I swear baby's eyes say "why didn't you protect me mommy?" So this time Daddy had to be the shot assistant. Poor Ya came home with both legs decorated in Snoopy bandages.

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