Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving... Part 3

As for Chi and those prayers, I swear that child has a direct connect with God, because her sincere prayers seem to be answered completely. Maybe it's because she rarely prays for herself. She prayed for a sibling. She prayed when the doctor called to say Ya might have an incurable, fatal disorder. She prayed for her Mommy to have someone to love.
In this past year I have seen my beautiful baby girl grow into an independent young lady (a "big kid" she'd say). She play-acted as president this morning, because she has seen that a woman can do that job. She is constantly awarded accolades at school, is popular, and is eager to learn. She is constantly working toward learning to read - the one thing she sees as a roadblock to being the perfect student. In fact, she killed us with hangman as she practiced spelling words out during the game. This little amazement even created a Thankful "hand-book" and went to each Thanksgiving guest to have them record their thankful fors. Wow.
And me? I'm healthy. I survived another c-section and this time came through without near-death complications. I have a career that allows me to play a small part in the lives of teenagers, and though it is sometimes difficult and the payback seems distant, I know I am doing something good.

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