Friday, October 10, 2008

Mummy? I'm asleep!

If there's nothing else I've learned during this parenting experiment, I gained valuable wisdom in this: complain often. Somehow those folk who hear your whining read it as a plea for help and offer fabulous advice to fix the issue.

The most recent tidbit? Use The Miracle Blanket to ensure sleep-filled nights. Now as the cynical skeptic, I didn't believe a simple blue and green blanket was going to fix anything related to Ya's nighttime activities. But I got the blanket from a friend of Dad's, so it was harmless to try. It turns out that the idiot-proof mummy wrap created by the swaddler actually holds our Houdini inside. Without the freedom to twitch, kick, and scratch, Ya has a pleasant nights sleep. WOW.

Now if only I could convince him to stay in the papoose during feeding times, because trying to refit the thing around a flailing child in the pitch black of two a.m. is near impossible.

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