Thursday, September 18, 2008

Well Baby Visit

We had our first official well baby visit yesterday, though we've gone to the pediatrician now three times for issues with jaundice and weight loss.

Ya was in pretty good spirits and didn't freak out about being declothed for the proceedings. The jaundice is clearing up every day, and his yellowed eyes are showing whiter all the time.

He was a bit miffed about being placed on the scale, but the reading more than made up for his frustration. He now weighs in at a delicate 7lbs 3ozs. Considering that he came home in the 5lb category reminiscent of the flower baby projects in high school, this weight gain is a tremendous accomplishment!

Dr. M was surprised at his progress and I finally got kudos for my efforts at breast feeding. Yes, Ya is a feed-on-demand baby, which makes travel awkward and family members who visit a bit cautious of catching overexposure. I've no knack for the cover-up efforts and have on more than one occasion out of the house covered both Ya and my entire head to assist the feeding process along discreetly. I'm sure that it made a spectacle, but hey, I'm not one for wardrobe malfunctions or Girls Gone Wild flashing (even if for a good cause).

Last night I realized that his oversized onsies actually appeared to be snuggly fitting for the first time (newborn size). And his face is filling out nicely as he starts the plump. I suppose if he had been given the three extra weeks in womb he so deserved, he'd have already been at this size. Remember, he was due on September 19!

As for landmarks in his three weeks of life on earth:
  • Ya continues to lift his head while on his tummy and now holds it up unassisted for 15-30 seconds
  • He kicks legs and flails arms at the same time (has since the day he was born)
  • He remains alert and attentive for 30-60 minutes before sleeping
  • He reacts to loud noises in the environment
  • He uses his legs to push himself into optimal nursing position
  • He turns his head toward familiar voices and smells
  • He smiles in his sleep and sometimes when awake
  • He demonstrates concentration with a furrowed brow and focused eyes

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