Monday, September 22, 2008

Growing Pains

Ya is terribly unhappy. Since waking up this morning he has been crying with a ferocious intensity - eyes tightly closed, legs kicking, hands clenched, and body red with fury. I've rocked, I've fed, I've burped... nothing has worked. The brief reprieves from his wails are far apart and few. His tears fill his eyes. He is miserable.

Allowing him to just cry it out seems torturous. I've held him close and stroked his little body. I've kissed him and whispered my love for him. And still he cries.

In between feedings he throws up. We change clothes quick to avoid drafts and wrap up tight. We've checked the diaper for potential discomforts. Nada.

He's quiet only when napping, and even then if he thinks about whatever it is disturbing him, his face contorts and reddens and his eyes tighten as he whines.

Mommy is getting worried. What is wrong with Ya? I don't want to be frustrated, it's not his fault he feels icky. But what am I to do?

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