Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I'm a lucky girl...

I've got a tremendously supportive family who accepts whatever actions and choices I make and then prays to ensure I am the better for those decisions. I have parents who come to my rescue without expecting me to walk across water to repay them (how can I ever give back what they've given me, anyway?). I have brothers who demonstrate unconditional love for their incredibly eccentric big (little) sister and who sacrifice for the benefit of their niece and nephew. And I have a host of close relatives and friends who keep me in their thoughts, prayers, and contact so that I know I am never alone.

Then I have my Chi... she has been and continues to be the light in my life. She is the reason I believe God gave me to fight through the sickness that tried to send me to an early grave in 2002. She is selfless and loving far beyond need. And she is so very intelligent and intuitive that I am amazed she is a part of me.

And now I have little Yadon, the M.Y. that was missing from my vanity plates... He's a mystery yet to be uncovered. He's a handsome little man with an old soul and a personality that begs for physical contact and attention. And he's quickly claimed a piece of my heart in a way I'd not known was possible...

I'm a lucky girl.

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