Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Today was one of those ultra productive days. After a bout with insomnia around 4am (which I suspect stems from the sudden increase in iron I'm being forced to ingest), I was convinced there would be nothing good to come out of July 30.

Instead, Chi lost her second baby tooth (see proud photo) right after consuming a sticky Hershey bar. Nope, the bar was not the culprit, but it would make a good "Don't eat candy or your teeth will fall out" advertisement.

We registered Chi at her new school, though a tour was out of the question due to construction projects all over the building. We're only a signature and a physical away from complete success and mama's peace of mind! And it's sweet to know that my baby is going to attend the same elementary school I went to when the family moved from Hawaii!

A doctor's appointment confirmed two more pounds in two weeks (any other time this would be very bad news). Yadon's heart rate is a steady 132 bpm and his measurements (or mine) are showing a steadily growing baby boy. Doctor H. called the hospital to reserve my operating room , so our birth date is guaranteed now... no guessing, and an accurate countdown commences now...
Big Sister on 8-28-2008! 29 Days to Birth Day...

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