Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I took a look around my house this morning and realized that I am not utilizing my space efficiently. You'd think with a place the size of mine I'd have no problem putting things away and still having room to spare. The problem is, as always, that three flights of stairs and packing issues prevented me from closely monitoring my "free labor movers" commissioned by my baby brother as a 'pay me back for all the times I've helped you." So I have big items that I am in no condition to move sitting in the most inconvenient spots.

This morning I decided that being cautious about heavy objects was not going to make me happy... so I emptied out a corner TV hutch (which no longer has the TV on it because that was placed upstairs) and pushed it out of the guest room and into the corner of my "family room." I have to push the couch back to its position and reload the hutch, but that wont take much effort.

Next is Laura's kitchen toy to the upstairs kitchen nook...

I've also built my tall Ikea bookshelf and relocated all my novels to it. I plan to go through the garage boxes once I find some really good bug spray. Not that I'm afraid of spiders, mind you, but there are no see ems in there that bite!

Oh, and I am now officially an e-mail stalker as I wait for the galleries of our last maternity photos to post. Impatience is my specialty and 2-3 weeks is a long time to wait. Did I mention how beautiful it felt to be draped in flowing fabrics and photographed? Talk about pampering! I should've signed up for portraits like these years ago. Knowing that my baby bump is the center attraction doesn't phase me at all... this mama feels gorgeous!

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