Friday, July 25, 2008

Life After Pregnancy

Just a few more weeks before doctors schedule my hospital stay and the birth of my son. No mystery in the big arrival for me. He'll be here when the schedules deem it "convenient." I suppose we should all be grateful for the opportunity to know exactly when and where his birthday will take place. Certainly there is no fear of being "overdue" and there is no endless waiting game of "is it time yet?" And there wont be any labor pains this time around (probably a good thing, as I demanded an epidural upon check-in with Laura).

So now that everything is coming to a... beginning, it's time to dwell on other issues, right? The crib is still in pieces. It annoys me. Someone else is starting my class this year and I'll be walking in as an exhausted new mom one grading period into the school session. This scares me. And again I am postponing turning my hobby into a career because it is the responsible thing to do for my family. This upsets me.

Then there is the long term. I see people with the same passion as mine working full time in the portraiture business. Their vision, like mine, is solid. Their talents, unlike mine, are used daily to satisfy clients' needs. They set their own schedules. They are paid for their time. They profit both financially and emotionally every time someone buys an image.

One of these days I'm actually going to enroll in a fine arts photography course and a photography business certificate program. I'll invest in the pro camera I've eyed from afar for years. I'll buy the backdrop hangers and clear space for a "studio" in this house of mine. And I'll get back into the swing of things with my camera on a more serious level like I did almost 6 years ago when I was in grad school for photo journalism. One of these days, Laura and Yadon, mama is going to fulfill her dream...

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