Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Feeling Beautiful

It's been a long time since someone other than my daughter has said I was beautiful... but that's exactly how I've felt these past few days. 

True enough, my mid section is resembling a watermelon that occassionally shifts and contorts... and my weight is a bit over "ideal."  But suddenly that doesn't bother me. 

My hair is suddenly full, shiny and long.  Its jet black color no longer bothers me.  My summer complexion is tweaked by weekly visits to the pool with my water baby.  And I am reminded of just how incredible women are every time my temporary resident moves. 

Recently, I had the opportunity to pose in front of the camera.  Electing to venture beyond the department store offerings, I found a few fabulous photographers who specialize in maternity and child photography.  It's amazing how simple their equipment is, and how an artistic vision can make the basics create incredible results.   I selected one of them to capture this moment in my history books and in a few weeks (right before Yadon arrives, no doubt) I'll have the proofs from my session.  It's the kind of pampering I thoroughly enjoy...

Did I mention the truck driver who honked every time my car shot past his window?  Happened for about 4 stop lights before he finally took his exit.  How odd is that?  I'm sitting in my sports car, rubbing my belly, and occassionally checking my rearview to monitor Chi's activities in her booster seat.  Clearly the scene screams "chick with baggage."  And here's this guy speeding up to keep even with my car and tapping his horn and eyeing me in his mirrors.  Wow...

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