Thursday, June 5, 2008

Ikea Conundrum

So what if I can't spell the word?

Mom and I just spent the good part of three hours working on putting together my Expedit room divider/cubby system.  It's basically in one piece, except we can't get the top secure... that, and it looks like a giant maze on my floor because we couldn't even budge it to try to lift it into place.  Wonder how long it'll sit like this blocking the whole 9x9 space it is occupying before the menfolk rescue my room and put it on the wall?  Just knowing how heavy it is means I need to locate the stud finder and get this thing safety latched to the wall. Last thing I need is for it to fall on me or one of the kids once I get it loaded down with my stuff!

I got the last one (slightly smaller) on the wall alone, so I'm starting to think this pregnancy has me crippled...

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