Monday, June 2, 2008


Today was one of those days that challenge your spirit... a day of mourning the loss of a 17-year-old who died well before he should have, but according to God's plan.... a a day of triumph as people came together to celebrate the precious moments of their lives with those they cherish... and unfortunately, it was also a day marred by an unrelated scandal at the hand of a colleague who apparently burned a bridge beyond repair.

It's not easy watching young people grieve.  Do you reach out to them?  Pray with them?  Shy away from them?  Lecture them?

And what of coworkers who lost their "child"?  I've said many times before that once a student walks through my doors he or she becomes my kid... and it holds true long after the school year ends and they move on to new lives somewhere out there.  It's true for all educators, whatever education they are providing.

I'm sure as funeral preparations are made and we try to spread happiness on graduation for the seniors who earned that moment of glory, things will continue to be difficult.  We learn to cherish what we have and are reminded of how fragile life really is.  We learn that those people placed in our lives are there for a purpose, and we've only to ponder how  they'll touch us.

I'm removed from this tragedy - watching it from afar.  Yet I am regretting the moments of this year when I could have done better by my own students.  Maybe could have made their days brighter...

The coworker will likely have some legal issues to contend with... and of course, the looks of skeptism from those who believe the rumors (however ficticious and vicious they are).  Can people libel you without recourse?  Even if they are sued, can you repair the damaged reputation - personal and professional? 

Certainly I hope never to make someone so angry as they feel the need to lash out.  I prefer amicable splits, the kind where I can still congratulate success and happiness despite no longer being a part of it.

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