Sunday, May 11, 2008

So Appreciated

Mother's Day is one of those holidays that I've never really liked.  I mean, I love giving my Mom her props for the daily sacrifices and sentiments of love she bestows on us...

But in my own history as a mom, I've not gotten the same.  I mean the husband/father/baby daddy is the one spreading the appreciation until the kiddies can, and in my case that has just not come to fruition.  Perhaps it's the distance.  Chi's Dad is in California and though he did send me that ultra cool Olympus purse camera one year, the rest have paled in comparison.  Really though, is he obligated to appreciate me functioning as mom and dad on a 365 day a year basis?

This year, however, has been different.  Chi woke up right as I was laying back down from my 5-6am romp with the micro k-9s.  My eyes were closing, so she patted me ever so gentle on the shoulder and waited for me to look at her.  And there were those two beautiful almond eyes looking wide open into mine as she smiled and said "Happy Mudder's Day!"  Then she inquired as to the location of her backpack and jetted out of the room to find her gift.  She picked out the sweetest smelling candle in a crystal burner because it smelled nice and mommy likes candles.  Now... I was a little unclear as to how she got this gift, as I didn't fund her school's "gift shop" purchases for this particular holiday.  Turns out Chi cried when she realized she had no money for a gift and one of the "shop" attendants let her pick something anyway.  How's that for special?

We got up pretty early on this overcast day and I was grateful the rain had finally stopped for a bit.  Megan arranged for a Spirit of Washington cruise with her father and grandmother, and Dad and Tav split the cost of our tickets.  It was a great opportunity for Chi to wear her princess gown - a pretty taffeta and velvet dress.  She also asked for make up, which I helped her apply.  Did I mention that my little girl is beautiful? 

The cruise was actually quite nice and the rain stayed away long enough for us to return to dock.  Our boarding photo was decent, and so Dad splurged and got us a copy of it.  The live singing/dancing entertainment was a bit cheesy, but during the open dance floor period, I did get to teach Chi the Electric Slide, I danced to "The Butt", and she demonstrated her shockingly accurate understanding of the "ChaCha Slide".  Amazingly my heals didn't kill my preggo fat feet and I had quite the flash of energy.

Ike called to wish me a Happy Mother's Day and promised to send his daughter some recent pictures.  It was a bit odd to talk to him after so many months, but we're amicable enough.

And the little man in the tummy has been announcing himself all day with kicks and punches and spins.  It's like he's saying "Hey mom, I'm here" all day long.

And though it has been raining since we left the cruise around 1pm, my spirits aren't as saddened as the skies are.  It was a good day.  I feel loved.  I feel validated.  I'm a mommy, and I love it.

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