Friday, May 9, 2008

Faster than we thought

Marq joined me at the last OBGYN appointment and sat in his little seat watching as the nurse found the heartbeat. It's slowing down, but still at over 146 beats per minute. Marq called him a little beat box. As expected we get to have one last sonogram through insurance, and it falls right after Marq's 30th birthday. It would've been on his birthday, but the times interefered too much with my job. It's the first he's been able to attend, and he's excited about seeing his son for the first time.

Dr. H insists that the due date is September 7, even though every sonogram to date says we're just at 21 weeks not at 22+. We're looking at scheduling our delivery earlier than his due date and so... August here he comes. I'm a bit freaked out about that, but Marq seems to think it'll be just fine.

In fact, Marq seems to be well into the preparation stages of fatherhood. I think I am stunted. Yes, I'm excited, but sometimes that shifts into fear. I don't know what I'm scared of... just am. This second baby is exactly what I've dreamed of and wanted for quite some time. True, my timing is completely crazy - - but I think God set this in motion. Marq will make a great Dad and he's doing everything he can to make sure financials are set and he's present for the job of raising this little boy. Honestly, I'm blessed that I've known the man since we were teenagers and that we talk so effortlessly about everything.

Little man is going to take Marques as his first name, but I'm setting the middle name to something uniquely his. Nope, not a junior, but still a namesake and still very much Marq's first son.

LauraChioma is obviously excited. She outvoted me on the name issue by deciding Marq was a good name and she'd like to call him that. She told her hairdresser all about what is required of a big sister and she's ready to take on the responsibility. I told her she has to change all the diapers, but she didn't buy it. In fact, the hairdresser said Laura is pretty set in how a family works: Mom takes care of the baby's needs, siblings help out and play with him, Dad comes home from work and says "How are you honey?" Funny that she got this picture perfect idea into her head since our last 5 years have not looked at all like she invisions.

I have one of those fancy 3D sonograms scheduled for June and I found a fabulous maternity photographer I'd like to have shoot my photos... yes, we're financially able to do all that this time around.

So much for starting the school year. Instead, I'll be home for the first day of school with a newborn baby... and I'll miss the first 9 weeks of our work year. I should be happy about the extended vacation, but it's gonna be hard to set a tone for a class I've never seen.

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