Sunday, May 25, 2008

Clowning Around

LauraChioma expects to have an adventure every weekend... but of course finances and creativity thwart even the best of opportunities...
Chi & Clown

Last Sunday the Circus came to town, so we decided to risk the PETA protesters and brave the tiny Cole Brother's Circus tents to watch the show. It was an expensive endeavor between tickets, popcorn, a camel ride and a snow cone. Laura's favorite part was taking the picture with a clown whose voice resembled one-too-many puffs on a helium tank.

The rest of the circus she sat patiently through, but the reactions were less of amazement than of "Okay mom, this is not the diversion I had in mind." So much for an adventure.

This Saturday, we ventured off to Alexandria and briefly visited the waterfront. It was a great opportunity to get a few photos taken, though the sun was casting quite harsh shadows in our direction... then someone had to go to the bathroom and our time at the park ended with a mad dash up the street to the car.

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