Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Continuing Saga

I think that cat I saw a month or so ago was black... and yes, he crossed my path as I drove to work. 

This has been one continuous string of stresses in a month I'd really like to erase. 

Today's feature attraction: my Celica, the first car I'd purchased for myself by myself, likely saw its last day of travel.  Final resting place?  Collision Pro.  If not totaled, the deduct is another $500 out of pocket. 

Oh, and apparently I can't drive.  I have a court date now to confirm it.  I suspect that this is a direct result of the other accident in February when the girl rear-ended me at a red light and shoved my car out of drive (with full brakes on) into neutral.  Surely the brakes did not go unscathed from that?  But anyway, I am the one being blamed for this one... lady stopped suddenly to allow a light-flashing
fire/rescue vehicle pass on his red (our green).  He didn't have much of an emergency, since he stayed more than a half hour to say I refused to stop.

No doubt a colleague called to report slow traffic on route one this morning... and I'm sure a dozen or so teachers/students passed my little crunched up car en route to work.  Chi was a bit nervous that Mommy would be in big trouble.  She hid under her blanket as the three officers, the original emergency vehicle and an ambulance arrived at the scene.  She watched our car get loaded onto the flat bed tow. And during her ride in the police car to the hospital to meet with me, she even asked the officer if I would be taken to jail.  He assured her no, and she seemed content with that response.

Did you know that accident victims ride in the same EMR vehicles?  Yep.  I got to sit on a bench next to a completely boarded up Hispanic woman named Flor.  Her son thought he was on some sort of field trip... and she was reprimanded for the pathetic car seat he was strapped in.

On the plus side, if you can call it that, I got to see my son again today during my 7-hour emergency room visit.  He's kinda cute from what I can tell of the grainy facial shot the girl snapped.  Of course I didn't get to keep the 78 or so images of all his vitals because ER patients don't get that luxury, but it was an hour long glimpse into his daily routine.  Turns out he hates being poked, and instead of kicking against the invasion, he moves clear across his space.  It makes finding his heartbeat a chore and looking for a profile picture a near-impossible feat.  He does, however, enjoy demonstrating his "family jewels" to confirm again he is all-boy.

Only issue I had with the hospital was the freezing cold room (and flimsy sheet cover)... oh, and the IV drip that made me have to pee but kept me hostage to the bed.

UPDATE: The car isn't totaled, but the damages are 50% of its current Blue Book value.  I'll have my Celi back in May.

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