Monday, April 14, 2008

... and the winner is

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After a rather stressful morning - a blood draw for a study of expectant mothers with RhNeg blood; a RhoGam shot in the behind; and the most important test of my life thus far, our amniocentesis - the doctor assured me that the gender of my baby was either male or female. No shit, Sherlock. The RhoGam shot, he confirmed, was a pain in the butt. Then he says roll over and stabs me in the toosh. Ouch. And the genetic counselor, Emilie, admitted that the study conductors were quite anal about labels... and I was helping medical science by providing three viles of blood (since I happened to be there and fit the criteria). It seems everyone is a wise guy at the GIVF center. I suppose they have to be, as they have the difficult job of announcing bad news (though I'm sure their fertility clients make it a blessed position).

While the remainder of our test for Trisomy 18 is pending a phone call 8-14 days from now, the assurance from the doctor was the "third leg" was clearly visible.
So... LauraChioma is going to have a little brother. This is a blessing, as our likelihood of T18 has reduced again with the gender announcement. Females are more prone to T18.

Additionally, the ultrasound showed me a very "normal" looking baby. No oddly shaped head, perfectly normal arms and legs. A perfectly beating heart. An attitude everytime he felt pressure from above. Dr. Stern said "Don't loose any sleep" while waiting for my tests to come back. He seemed confident enough that my little man is gonna avoid the prognosis I so dread.

I'm feeling a little sore (mostly my backside, but my stomach hurts too) and I'm on 48 hours of restricted activity. Then, life returns to a seemingly normal routine. In less than a fortnight, I'll get the all clear to begin planning for the next 22 weeks of this pregnancy blessing and the birth of my son.

Remaining in prayer and eternally blessed,

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