Thursday, February 14, 2008

Hallmark Moments (I hate 'em)

Here it is Valentine's Day again and I'm pretending that the over-commercialized day does not exist.  It'd be pretty easy if like last year we'd have a snow day.  But the weather is not cooperating.  So instead, I am transplanted into the teenage hormone fest known as high school and am a non-participatory voyer into all the cutesy expressions of puppy love these kiddos have for one another.  Candy, balloons, roses (real, fake, edible), and stuffed things were paraded around the hallways by swooning teens in the midst of romance.  Kind of hard to pretend the day isn't around when so many others are celebrating.

As a single parent with a child still too young to understand these types of days, I'm not involved in this outpouring of love.  I get my usual "Mommy I love you" regardless of the day... but somehow today it isn't enough to remove this funky attitude I'm vibing. 

Next up?  Mother's Day, where yet again the single mom gets shafted despite the fact that she's the only one serving the role of both parents and spends more time working to make ends meet than she does enjoying her baby grow up or relishing in her accomplishments as a strong, independant woman. 

So... I'll relocate my "cry bunny" shed a few tears of self-pity and drink myself to sleep with orange juice and boredom. Ahhh.  This is the life!

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