Friday, April 13, 2007

LC is growing up

Yes, the inevitable has happend in just four short years: LC has found a boyfriend.  I know this because she got hitched in the Before & After care (aka big kids') room this morning.  Then she and her boyfriend came to class holding hands.  They continued to do so throughout the day and got in trouble for "not keeping your hands to yourself" and "not listening."  The result?  LC got a yellow light instead of green for behavior... which prompted my hearing the story from her teacher.

So was it harmless flirting?  Mirroring what Uncle and Megan do when they're out?  Or should we warn Maury that a new guest is preparing for her appearance?

Yesterday, she was in love with a dark, tall guy in a red car.  Today "he was too old for me." She's found a more appropriately aged beau.


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