Saturday, August 12, 2006

oh baby (continued from last post)

A few days ago there was a news report about a girl angry at life because "I don't have a dad."  Hell, there are a lot of people out there who do and wish they didn't, who do and don't have a relationship, and who don't and are perfectly satisfied with mom serving in both roles.  This girl was a sperm bank baby - a test tube created darling.  Judging from the previews of the newscast "Tongiht at 5,"  she was a well adjusted, atractive teen who had been raised in a loving home environment by a family that genuinly cared about her.  So what if Dad was an anonymous donor?  Mom was every bit the parent every child should have. Life isn't made richer by "perfection" and the definition of what makes a family isn't crystal clear.  A family is a group of people who love you, who stand by you, and who care about your best interest.  They're not necessarily biological, may not even carry the traditional titles, but they're very much a part of what makes you you.
I chose not to watch the broadcast, although I hear that the girl was suing for the right to disclose the identity of her "donor."
Today I'm one day past 27 and the idea of having another baby has crossed my mind a few dozen times.  But don't tell LC... because she wants a baby brother like Blue has now. 
If I were to consider withdrawing from the bank, what would I tell the resulting child about his/her daddy?  Would it be a non-issue (ie: you don't have one therefore there is no discussion)?  Or would I have to explain the birds and bees to a 3 year old (if the kid is as on top of it as LC is)?
Picture the conversation:
I had only a brief encounter with your "dad."  His name was donor 1124.  He was a looker: 5'11"with dark hair and green eyes.  He was a professional, an architect with a love of the arts.  He sang in the showers and liked animals.  I couldn't tell you what his physical features were... that's a bit hazy, but the paperwork suggested he was of ____ decent.
Imagine the stories circuling around the daycare the next day (because like LC, this child would probably be very verbal and share all my business with anyone who'd listen).  Yikes.
Perhaps I won't open an "account" - - the "interest" is too high and the "return" too important to create by chance without a serious "investment" into a "long term bond."

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