Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Project Mama to Mrs.: Web'spired wedding

There are millions of ideas out there and the 'net has made them accessible - grouped together in logical little idea boards of someone else's design and inginuity. I typed in my colors, the term "wedding," and "idea board" and I had hundreds of what essentially were graphic designer or interior decorator's pitch boards for anonymous clients around the world. Then it was just a matter of determining my style preferences and executing.

{Picking my colors was tough. And narrowing those down to three? Impossible. I settled on those that "called" me whenever I saw them on display.}

My favorite place for finding must-haves? Etsy.

I ordered my bouquets from a wonderful designer named Michele (AmoreBride). I swear, she knows my taste and style so well it's sick... peacock couture? Perfection. And once we firmed up the colors for my custom bouquet, she offered to tweak my bridal party bouquets so that each will be unique. I collaborated on a second bridal bouquet set with Lindsey of Artsy Texas Design. She is AMAZING. First, she used my inspiration photos to draft a custom design incorporating my specific flower, shape and style preferences. Then she blended my color palette into a beautiful and realistic art piece that I'm in awe of. My daughter's bouquet mirrors mine and the maid's bouquets match, but are totally different to showcase what I've deemed the major two. The only issue now is which set to walk down the isle with, because I'm definately taking photos with each!

My boutonierres were custom designed by Kelly of WaterMeNot, who not only offered fabulous suggestions for matching colors, but gave me subtle variations for each member of the groom's party that are added surprises of personalization.

When it came to jewelry, I again turned to Etsy. I picked out a stunning Victorian-style teardrop pendant in the perfect shade of blue at AzureTreasures. Tear drop earrings and a pear and crystal bracelet complete the ensemble. I cannot wait to see it all with my dress at the final fitting appointment. Kristen of Guilded Shadows customized my veil and peacock feather fascinator. She helped me decide between two head pieces after looking at my gown styling. And the beauty of the final pieces is breathtaking. Now I just have to figure out my hair.

Groomsmen's gifts came personalized from LoversJewelry. And bridesmaids' gifts came from AllforBrides, who also has fabulous accessories in a variety of themes and color palettes.

I made my own centerpieces - with most of the materials coming from yet another online retailer: Save-On-Crafts. Beyond offering reasonable prices on their crafty supplies, there is an idea gallery and how-to section that was pretty helpful. And it didn't hurt that the customer service team was responsive and extremely accomodating. As a reformed scrapbook supply hoarder, I rarely visit JoAnn or Michael's anymore. But the wedding gave me an excuse to visit both again. With coupons, I saved a bundle on a stamp, some self-adhering bling, my guestbook, a "kissing stool," and some foilage for my alter pieces.

My bedroom has become wedding central - and as I scan the various boxes, I'm proud to see it all coming together beautifully. I can't wait to get it all out on display on I Do Day.

Oh, and my cake? Well, It's a variation of a cake I found online by The Pastry Studio... except we changed the colors and the number of circles. Oh, and added cupcakes. Yummy.

An aside: Somehow I established early on that I loved the color scheme naturally found on peacocks. Yeah, God; you and Mother Nature rocked that pretty cock. And while I stop short at saying I have "themed" my nuptials around a jumpy, flashy show off, there are nods to his fierce appearance everywhere.

Ever the student, I required research into the symbolism of the peacock. It was, afterall, taking over. Somehow the significance of the bird in worldwide religions and cultures just fits. The abridged version of symbolism is pretty impressive: good luck, wisdom, integrity, beauty, renewal, patience, compassion, royalty, pride, openness and acceptance. I'd say those are pretty good ingredients to a foundation.

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Ida said...

Sounds like it's going to be a gorgeous wedding. - I love the colors of a Peacock - If you are inclined I have a post up today with photo's of Peacocks that you might enjoy.