Monday, December 19, 2011


121911 - - NINE

She loves art: painting, drawing, cartooning.
She cringes at pink, but humors me when it comes to matching for the family portrait.
She desperately wonders why she doesn't know her two sisters - why they speak another language that is as foreign as their personalities are to her.
She laughs and her eyes squeeze shut, her brows bunch and her mouth spreads wide in smile.
She makes pronouncements, merely smaller mentions of her talks with God that often become reality.
She understands far more than her 3650 days seem capable of.
She cares deeply for everyone, often sacrificing her own wants to appease someone else's.
She believes fiercely in Santa, the Tooth Fairy, the Easter Bunny, and in her Mom's ability to conjure up each or dismiss them should her behavior merit it.
She loves her Daddy despite the distance and time that separates them.
She devotes herself to faith, believing in the parables, the fortunes, the revelations all.
She hopes for easier times, greater financial security, and stressless homecomings.
She accepts everyone regardless of their faults or shortcomings.
She adapts to changes however frequent.
She craves purple and finds it pretty.
She rocks it out and belts her tunes.
She plays hard.
She smiles pretty.
She knows much.
She is NINE.


Amarie said...

What a beautiful portrait! Love the lighting! This is a canvas-worthy photo and should be on your wall.

MommyRachelle said...

thank you! It's become tradition to take a "day I turned..." photo. I waited until too late this year and had to use a single standing lamp to light her.

Sandy Van De Verg said...

What a beautiful young woman and you did a super job of capturing her. Love the use of the texture also.

anki-itte said...

This is very beautiful.

Lisa WrightStuff said...

That's a truly beautiful photo of an adorable little girl!