Friday, October 14, 2011

Six Word Fridays: Peace

Tentatively titled:in the Darkroom

Red Sun. Casting warning to others:
Enter and be my destructive force.
Inside, darkness engulfs the tiny space.
Always night. And yet, here, awakening .
With eager hands, I strip you.
Naked, you lay perfectly still, waiting.
Moonlight brief, mere seconds to show.
Faint image from negative captured below.
Tepid liquid taints the enclosed air.
A pool of creation awaits me.
I glide you inside, parting sea.
There, you wade (coy, attempting hiding)
I prod you, gently coaxing response
And, cautiously, you reveal yourself. Intense:
Crisp black against stark white sheet.
Magical is this moment of revelation –
I breathe in, satisfied. Eyes beholding.
Perfection before me, I hold you.
Tenderly, I lay you down again
Against soft sheets, you rest, spent.
In this darkroom, I've found peace…
Once white page becomes life exposed.
(and another)
tentatively titled: Cinematic Debut: "Peace of Heart"

Trepidation. A racing pulse pounds inside.
I open my mouth. Silence sounds.
I want to utter these words.
Tell you how much you mean –
To me, my kids, to us.
Your very presence brings heart’s peace.
No longer do I have worry
about love. I feel love abundantly.
You’ve made me the focal point,
the star in this romantic movie.
No longer a comedy or tragedy,
No “woe is me” lines scripted.
It’s really quite amazing to know.
I’m a fixture in this flick.
Extras cast aside, one woman show.
What’s my line again, great director?
I’ve got it now: “Love you.”

This week's Six Word Fridays inspiration word is "peace."

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Melissa said...

Such drama, such tension in so few lines! So glad it ends with love & peace.